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Central High School Code of Conduct

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Central High School Services

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Central High provides student & faculty services: The following services are provided by the administration: Busses, Cafeteria, Insurance, Nurse, Security, and Visitor.

Busses/Drivers and Routes

Busses/Drivers and Routes - Central High School provides busses and qualified bus drivers to carry all its students to and from Central High School. See Busses Drivers and Routes



Cafeteria - Central High School Cafeteria provides nutritional meals served daily by our food service staff. To view the daily menus, use the Breakfast, Lunch Menu Part One, and Lunch Menu Part Two, buttons at the top left had side of this web.

  1. The cafeteria offers a varied menu that changes from day to day.
  2. Lunch and breakfast are served for a reasonable fee.
  3. When eating his/her lunch, even if a student brings his/her own lunch to school, he/she is required to go to the cafeteria.
  4. No food or drink containers will be allowed outside the cafeteria.
  5. Students should take their places in line and not jump ahead of someone else even for ala- carte items.
  6. After meals, students should empty their trays and stack them with the other empty trays.
  7. Students must dispose of all napkins, milk cartons, and other waste materials; and they must not leave these items on the tables.
  8. Students must not throw food in the cafeteria. If a student is caught throwing food it will be considered a serious offense.

Attention Parents or Guardians:
The Wise County Schools Food Service Program is dedicated to serving students quality meals at a reasonable price. It is our intent that children are not hungry at school; however, it is the responsibility of parents or guardians to pay for meals provided or provide breakfast or lunch from home. We realize that meal money may be forgotten or lost, so as a courtesy, we do allow students to charge. The charge limit for meals is $10.00 for elementary and middle school students. The charge limit for high school students is $5.25. A la carte or “extra” items may not be charged at any time.
Once a student’s balance reaches the charge limit, the food services program will provide the student an alternate meal until the balance is paid in full. The alternate breakfast is a graham cracker and milk. For high school students the alternate lunch is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and milk. To prevent your student from receiving an alternate meal, please ensure that he or she has money on their cafeteria account.
You may check your student’s balance by calling the Cafeteria Manager at your student’s school, the Food Service Office at 328-8017 or through MyPaymentsPlus. This program may be accessed online at or toll free at 866-547-9924. You will need your student’s ID number for MyPaymentsPlus.
We strongly encourage prepayment for meals and purchases because cash sent daily with students can easily be lost or spent on other items at school. You may prepay at the school with a check or cash. When sending a check, please include your student’s name and unique pin number on the memo line or consider using MyPaymentsPlus to put money on your student’s account online or by phone.
Free and reduced meal applications will be sent home on the first day of school. We encourage families who think they might be eligible to submit an application as soon as possible. Charges incurred before a free or reduced status is determined are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
We thank you for your cooperation.



Emergency Procedures

  1. Crisis Plan

  2. Fire Drill Procedures

  3. Lockdown Procedures

  4. Student Emergency Info

  5. Tornado Procedures

Emergency Procedures - Description of emergency procedures and escape routes.


Fire drills will be held periodically and all classroom windows and doors should be closed. All students and personnel should evacuate the building according to the fire drill evacuation diagram.

Evacuation Drill/Fire Drill Procedures

  1. When the fire alarm is activated all students shall exit the room single file and follow the designated evacuation route on the fire map that is posted in every room.

  2. Teachers shall take their role/grade book with them as they exit the room/building.

  3. Teachers will ensure that all windows are closed, all lights are turned off, and the door is closed as they exit the classroom.

  4. Each teacher shall have their class line up single file and call the roll. If a student (s) is unaccounted for the teacher shall notify the appropriate personnel (s) immediately.

  5. In the case that the building is declared unsafe due to a spreading fire, each teacher will take their class to the designated places on the incident commander’s direction. Students and faculty will then be bused to a safe location.

  6. If the building is declared safe or if a practice fire drill has been performed, a single bell will ring over the intercom system for identification to the students, teachers, and staff to enter the building again.

  7. Fire drills are required to be conducted periodically.

Tornado Drill Procedures

  • The tornado alert message will be heard over the PA system, this is a Tornado drill
  • Close all windows to classrooms, and turn off all lights when exiting the room.
  • All classes will exit their rooms and will follow the outlined plan. Students should remain quiet and walk in a single file to their designated rooms or areas. Close the door when the last person enters the designated area. Each teacher shall take roll to make sure all students are accounted for. Individuals shall stay away from all windows and doors.
  • While waiting for a tornado to pass, use the following steps when in your safe area:
  • Sit on the floor.

  • Try to stay calm.

  • Stay against walls away from doors & windows as much as possible.

  • All windows & doors must be closed.

  • When sitting, students should pull knees to your head & cover your eyes and face.

  • Tornado drills will be conducted a minimum of one per school year.
  • Please refer to the Tornado Drill Evacuation Map for safe locations.

Lockdown Procedures

  • Lockdown procedures will be initiated through the intercom system by the administration.
  •  Teachers will initiate their classroom lockdown procedures.
  • Students will follow instructions of their teachers and follow the procedures that are in place.
  •  The administration with the help of Security and police will check each classroom and campus.
  •  When an event is averted and it is safe, the administration will announce that the lockdown is over and everyone can return to what they were doing.
  • Teachers will call the roll and make sure everyone is in their seat. Then they will continue with their regularly scheduled teaching instructions. 

Student Emergency Information

  • Frequency of updates

    • Emergency release forms are updated annually, at the beginning of each school year. Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to update emergency release information in the case that legal guardianship changes during the school year.

  •  Storage method/location

    • Emergency release forms are located in the main office and accessible by the school administration, secretary, bookkeeper, and other authorized office personnel only.


In conjunction with the Wise County School Board, Central High School has developed a School Emergency Response/Crisis Management Plan. The plan that is on file in the main office of Central High is also disseminated to all of the faculty and staff. The plan includes the procedures for prevention-mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

School Crisis Plans will also be practiced regularly to insure the safety of students and staff of Central High School. Every effort is made to train our staff to deal with the various kinds of emergencies. Emergencies include but are not limited to: Fire, Tornado, Lockdown, and Medical.

During the school day, due to safety issues all doors are locked from the outside. All doors are designed to allow the students and staff to exit from the inside.

Fire Drill and Tornado Evacuation Maps for the auditorium, cafeteria, gymnasium and the two floors are posted in each classroom for the following: Central High Fire Drill Maps; Central High Tornado Map; and Emergency Lockdown Procedures.


Insurance - School insurance is available for students.

  1. Wise County Public Schools has an insurance policy that covers all of the students.
  2. This is a SECONDARY insurance policy.
  3. The insurance does have a deductible that must be paid by the parent.
  4. If the parents want to purchase this insurance plan, the parents must pay the premium for their child or children.
  5. This insurance coverage is intended to supplement the parent's primary insurance.



Nurse - A nurse is on campus to monitor medication and evaluate student health needs.

Serious Injury or Illness

  1. In case of serious injury or illness, the immediate concern is to provide aid to the person.
  2. The principal or his designee shall be contacted immediately.
  3. Attempts shall then be made to contact the parent or legal guardian.
  4. If available, we shall obtain the assistance of a qualified first aid or C. P. R. person.
  5. The first aid person and principal shall then determine the seriousness of the injury.
  6. Based on the determination of the principal, first aid person, and parent, the injured student may be taken to the hospital.

Procedures For Transporting Sick Or Injured

Depending on the seriousness of the injury, one of the following procedures may be used to transport the injured to the hospital:
  1. Parents - The parent will come to school and transport the injured in a personal car.
  2. Teacher/Administrator/Health Aide- After confirming with the parent, administrator, and teacher health aide may transport the injured to the hospital.
  3. The parent shall be told the nature of the injury or illness and asked to which hospital he/she would like his/her child be taken.
  4. Rescue Service - The principal may obtain the services of a rescue squad.



Security - To protect our campus, students, and staff, Central High School has a security officer present on campus.

  • When the School Resource Officer observes violent, illegal or disruptive behavior, under the supervision of the Principal, the Officer has the authority to intervene, detain, or evict a student, teacher, or an unwanted visitor.

  • If the behavior or event is worth further consideration, the School Resource Officer also will contact the legal authorities and will initiate any further legal action.

  • While providing protection, the School Resource Officer also establishes a rapport with the student body. He can be our first line of defense to heading off violence related activities, drug use, and behavioral problems.

  • In order to help keep our school safe, students are encouraged to report any suspicious, illegal, harmful, or violent behavior to the School Resource Officer. For the benefit of all our community, students should establish a positive, open, and honest, relationship with our School Resource Officer.

  • By using simulation equipment, the School Resource Officer also educates the students about the harmful effects of alcohol.



Visitors - The Wise County School Board requires all visitors to check in at the main office of the school they are visiting.

Visitor procedures
All visitors will be buzzed in and will be directed to report to the main office.  Each visitor must state the reason for their visit and the expected length of their visit.  Each visitor must sign in and out, as well as obtain a visitors pass that lists the following information:
                                First & Last Name:
Each visitor will be required to wear passes on their shirt for quick identification from school personnel and students.

 Visitation Policy

  • The WCPS screening procedure is to protect all students and staff from outside individuals who may come into the school to disrupt the program or endanger the safety of others.

  • If a visitor has made prior arrangements to work with a teacher, a visitors pass may be granted by an administrator.

  • Visitors who have not made prior arrangements with teachers will not be issued a visitors pass.

  • Parents are always welcome to visit the school and are encouraged to do so. We do ask however, that they cooperate with administrattion and the visitors procedures. It is necessary that the administration knows who is in the building.

  • Former students who wish to visit teachers should do so during the teacher's planning period. Those wishing to visit a teacher during lunch should obtain permission from the principal or designee. They are also required to follow the visitors check-in procedure.

  • All Visitors Must Get A Pass And They Must Display The Pass On Your Person.

  • Visitors caught without a visitors pass will be escorted out of the school and off of the school property.

  • No unauthorized person shall be allowed.


  • Central High School will use its on campus security and any other legal means necessary to terminate any unauthorized visits.




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