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Records and Transcripts

  1. Category Data I

  2. Category Data II

  3. Family Privacy Act

  4. Records

  5. Records Fees

  6. Requesting Records


 Student Records and Transcripts for Central High Students

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* Category I Data
4. Family Rights & Privacy Act
* Category II Data
5. Information Sent To Schools
1. General Information
6. Request a Copy
2. Retained Permanently
7. Fee for Copying Records
3. Records Destroyed
Central High School maintains on file in the Guidance Office Student Scholastic Records. The records contain:

Category I Data     and/or     Category II Data

Category I Data includes general directory information including:
  • attendance,
  • standardized test data,
  • health-physical fitness data,
  • physical examination report, and
  • immunization data.
Category I I data includes (confidential) may include the following reports of assessment:
  • Educational,
  • Psychological,
  • Medical examination,
    • speech,
    • hearing, and
    • vision,
  • Sociological assessment,
  • Permission for testing,
  • Permission for placement,
  • Eligibility committee recommendations,
  • Report of annual review of placement,
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP), and
  • various data needed for students services.
General directory information grades, attendance records, standardized test data, birth records, and immunization records are retained permanently. All other records are destroyed five (5) years after the student leaves school or graduates.
In order to respect each individual student's right to privacy as required by the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Central High School follows these procedures:
  • Any student (or parent of students under 18 years of age) may inspect his/her educational records upon request.
  • If the student or parent believes that any information therein is inaccurate, misleading or inappropriate, he/she may have the right to challenge that information and place a written explanation in the record and to file a complaint with HEW concerning alleged failure by the school board under 10 U. S. C.
  • Only authorized individuals who have a legitimate educational interest in the student have access to a school record without parental (if student is under age 18 or over, or student permission.
  • Information from the educational record is released to third parties (prospective employers, etc.) only on written permission of parent or student who is 18 or over, except where requested by another school.
  • Upon receipt of a written request from another school stating that a student has enrolled, or plans to enroll there, we send the record promptly.
Categories of information described include:
  • name of student and parents,
  • address of student and parents,
  • birth date,
  • level of grades completed, and
  • attendance.
Parents and eligible students have the right to obtain, upon request, a copy of the school board's written policy on the management of the student records. This policy may be obtained by contacting the principal or Central High School.
Direct any questions you may have to the principal of Central High School.
There will be a charge of $ .10 per page for copying personal use scholastic records for Category I and Category II information.
There will be a charge of $1.00 per page


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