Jostens Senior Graduation Supplies
In case you did not receive a packet for ordering please see Mrs. Salyers or a senior sponsor to
pick one up. You may also see all of the ordering information online at .
Jostens will return during all lunches in the Cafeteria area of the high school to collect senior
orders for graduation supplies and they will collect deposits at that time. They ask that deposits
are paid either by check payable to Jostens, by money order, or in cash in amounts of $20’s (i.e.
$20, $60, $100, etc.) to make change easier. Credit card payment information can also be taken
on the order form but parents must specify as to whether it is payment in full or a specific
amount for a deposit. Additional payments can be made online through at
later dates.
In 7 to 10 business days after original order, you receive an order confirmation card by mail. For
all items that will be printed or personalized, please check your name carefully and verify that it
is the full legal name spelled correctly. This will also have your pass code on this card for
making online payments, etc.
Balances must be paid in full to avoid additional late fees and ensure product availability.
Items such as senior shirts and clothing will be shipped directly to the home address when paid.
Most other items, caps and gowns, and announcements will be delivered to school in the
auditorium during lunches (pending a graduation date is set due to snow days).
Additional issues with items or clothing sizes, you may contact Jostens customer service at
(877) 475-7027. Our sales representative is Jeff Leach who can be contacted at (540) 387-4269
or at