The responsibilities of each party are outlined herein and the corresponding signature assures
acceptance of responsibility of each party. The student agrees to:
Earn an Advanced Studies Diploma or an Advanced Technical Diploma with a Governor’s Seal. To
receive a Governor’s seal, students must:
Complete the requirements for the Advanced Studies Diploma or the Advanced
Technical Diploma;
Earn a “B” average or higher; and
Successfully complete college-level coursework that will earn the student at least nine
transferable college credits in Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate
(IB), Cambridge, or dual enrollment courses
Earn at least 15 transferable college credits while enrolled in high school. College credits toward
completion of this Agreement will be considered earned by:
Completing dual enrollment/dual credit courses and earning a “C” or better in the
Completing advanced placement courses i.e., AP, IB or Cambridge and
Scoring a “3” or higher on the AP examinations or
Scoring a “4” or higher on any form of the IB examinations or
Scoring a “D” or better on the Cambridge examinations
Earning college credits by passing College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Completing college-level courses and documenting credit awarded
Apply and be accepted to a college or university
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Student Name (Printed) Student Signature Date
The parent/guardian agrees to:
Support and monitor student’s academic work and progress in school, particularly as it relates to
fulfillment of the requirements for the Governor’s Early College Scholars Agreement.
I understand that the actual number of transferable college credits awarded depends on the criteria of
the admitting college or university.
__________________________________ ________________________________ ________________
Parent/Guardian Signature Date
The high school agrees to:
Provide the student opportunities to access college-level courses and/or advanced placement
courses needed to fulfill this agreement.
Provide the counseling services needed to fulfill the requirements of the Governor’s Early
College Scholars Agreement, including assisting students in developing a program of study.
Provide the Virginia Department of Education with data regarding participation and completion
of the Governor’s Early College Scholars program.
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High School Principal Signature Date
Virginia Department of Education
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School Counselor Date