Junior’s Math Placement Test and Dual Enrollment Math
Dear Parents/Guardians of current juniors at Central High School:
Mountain Empire Community College is partnering with Wise County Public Schools to improve high
school students’ readiness for college-level mathematics. This approach will improve the college-
readiness in mathematics of local high school graduates, allowing them to move on to college-level work
more quickly.
Central High School will be administering the mathematics portion of the placement test to all current
juniors. This test is to determine if the student is ready for a college-level mathematics course. When
the student takes the test, he or she will need to know his or her social security number. Juniors, who
have already passed this test and are currently taking dual enrollment math courses through MECC, will
not be tested again.
The high school guidance counselors will discuss the placement results with students and parents. Each
student who does not test ready for a college-level mathematics course will be registered for a pre-
college level course (Math 3136) which is designed to improve the student’s readiness for a college-level
mathematics course. This course will be offered at Central High School for the fall 2012 semester.
Juniors who plan to take Pre-calculus I (Math 163) in the fall semester should be aware that this test will
be used to determine whether they qualify for this math dual enrollment coursework in the next year. In
addition, they will be required to also take reading and writing placement tests for math dual
enrollment. There is a study guide and additional math placement preparation materials available on
the MECC website. Go to to view and
download a study guide or for additional math placement test
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dianna Salyers or Karen Dotson at 328-8015.
Charles Collins, Principal
Central High School