Blackboard Connect
Blackboard Connect is a new service that allows parents, employees, and community members manage how they
receive notifications from Wise County Schools. You can now choose exactly how you would like to receive
notifications, either by text, email, or voice. A convenient portal is provided for management of phone numbers
and email addresses.
Parents and Employees:
If you need to make a change to a number already loaded in Blackboard Connect, please notify the student’s
school or the School Board Office for an employee. Changes made through Blackboard Connect are not
reflected in the school’s records.
To create a user account for Blackboard Connect, please follow the instructions below
Step 1: Create a user account
If you are a parent or an employee of Wise County Schools, navigate to the Parents and Employees link. If you are
a member of the community wanting to receive notifications from Wise County Schools, navigate to the
community link.
1. Click on the ‘Sign Me Up!’ link beside the login button.
2. Fill out the information requested and click the ‘Continue’ button.
3. After completing the form, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you entered. Click
the link in the email to complete the registration process. You will be presented with a set of security
questions. Choose 3 questions, provide the answers, and click ‘Save’
4. You will now see a message stating that your account created. Click the ‘Login’ button to sign in.
Step 2: Associate your account
If you are a parent or an employee, the next step will be to associate your account with either your child or your
employee number. If you are using the community portal, then you may skip to number 5.
1. Enter your child’s student ID or your employee ID. The student ID can be found at the top of the
student’s report card.
2. Next, enter a phone number that is already on file for either the student or the employee record
3. Next you will be presented with the name of the student you are associated with or your name if you are
an employee. Click ‘Associate’
4. Choose the numbers that are yours so that you can manage how messages are sent to those.
5. From here, you can add other numbers or emails, and choose if you would like to receive Voice or Text
messages. Click ‘Next’ when you have finished setting up your phones. If you are using the community
portal, you will need to click the ‘Add Phone’ button to add a phone number to the system.
6. Choose what Notifications you would like to receive. If you would only like to receive notifications about
delays and closings, choose ‘WISE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS’. If you would like to also receive
notifications for a specific school, choose the school.
7. Choose how you would like to be reached for each type of notification, then click ‘Done’
Step 3: Manage Preferences
After the initial setup, if you would like to change how you receive notifications, log into the appropriate portal and
click on the link to manage your contact and subscription preferences.
This will allow you to manage your preferences in the same way that you did during step 2. You have access to
your contact information, subscriptions, and the ability to associate more students with your account.
To associate another student with your account, click on the ‘Find Contacts’ link once you’ve clicked the contact
management link. The process here works the same as it did in step 2.