College Is In Your Future!


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College Is In Your Future!

More education can make a huge difference in your life — and your family's. It can open doors of opportunity, financially and personally. Find out what going can mean for you:

  • be successful

  • endless possibilities

  • find your passion

  • grow with help and support

  • help your family

  • increase your earnings

  • more education = more opportunity

  • prove your potential


Financial Scams

Beware of Financial Scams

  • Each year organizations try to make money off parents and guardians of juniors and seniors who are starting to realize the cost of entering college.

  • There are organizations or groups who invite students and parents to Financial Aid Workshops and then ask for a fee for their services. If a group or organization, asks for a fee then they are making money from you.

  • To complete their personal, Financial Aid Forms, MECC and UVA-Wise personnel help all students. They do not charge a fee for their services.

  • CHS does not want anyone to take advantage of you. Please be careful and do not let anyone swindle money from you and your family.



College Financial Aid Scholarship Guidance

Financial Aid and Scholarships have guidelines, rules, restrictions, and requirements. The amount of the award varies.

For help understanding the application process, visit the Guidance Office or contact:

Mrs. Dotson

Mrs. Salyers

Also See Financial Aid

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