Navigating Central

Tips for navigating the Central High web site.


Athletics Web Sites:

Central High School Athletics

Athletics and SportsNews, information, schedules, and scores for all the Central High School sports and competitive teams.

Band Web Site:

Central High Band Web Site

Central High Warrior BandNews and information about the marching and concert band programs at Central High School.

Student Handbooks:

Handbook Computer

Handbook Mobile Devices

Central High School Code of Conduct

The Central High School Student Handbook is searchable and printable using the pdf.


Wise Co Code of Conduct

Wise Co Code of Conduct *

Wise Co. Code of Conduct

Wise Co. Schools Code of Conduct is searchable and printable using the pdf.



Navigating Central

Navigating The Central High Web Site

We do not have a staff to help us. We will do our very best to update critical pages and calendars. For your continued cooperation, we extend our thanks. Explore the Central Web -Click the Buttons, Links, and Menus. Please make an effort to become familiar with the information available on the Central Website. Enjoy your Central High Exploration.

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Tips For Navigating Central


The following tips will help you to navigate the Central High Web

  • Examine All The Menus and Submenus  on the left  and at the top of the screen. Every page in this website is available by clicking the menus and submenus on the left.

  • Many sections in the web have additional pages. When you hover your mouse over the main slide-out menus, the submenus are displayed to the right of the main menu. In addition, when clicked, the silver buttons  (ex.    )  at the top right-hand corner of the home page, will take you to the main page associated with that button.

  • Add the pages to your Favorites or Bookmark any of your favorite Central web pages and you can go directly to them anytime you want.

  • If you want to return to the exact spot on a previous page, then click on the back button on your browser.

Display Screen Resolution

  • Because our site has to accommodate all the older technology that our students use at home, we try to be considerate of their computing needs. Although it is not necessary, this site and the Wise County Public Schools' web sites are best viewed with your screen resolution or display set to 1024 x 768. If you want to change your screen you may use the following instructions:

Display Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 Click for your screen resolution

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